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Military Inns

- As of November 2019 -

One of the unique and valuable benefits to an active or retired service member is their ability to access base facilities all over the world.  Just about every base has a service sponsored military inn (Air Force Inn, Navy Inn, etc.).  As a service member that has traveled on military TDY orders, I can attest that it's usually more desirable to try and get an off base hotel that offers a free hot breakfast.  However, when traveling with my family, the military inns portfolio offer an amazing value for a safe place to stay on a budget. 



To access and reserve a military inn you must be:

  • Active Duty & Dependents

  • Retirees

  • National Guard & Reserve Members

  • DoD Civilians

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Popular Gems

The real gems are the military inns found near common vacation destinations (the headline picture above is of the Navy Inn on the beach in San Diego).  Here are some of the most popular and links to their reservation sites:


U.S. Locations​

Europe Locations

Asian Pacific

Find your next location site below!


  •   Reservation Cancellations are (usually) free - So book early!

    • Be aware of summer and holiday peak seasons

  • Want to bring your dogs?

    • There are some dog friendly locations - call ahead to verify 

      • Please comment below and we can provide a verified list of dog friendly locations​

  • Prefer to camp or drive in your RV?

    • There are also military sponsored campgrounds and RV parks for use.  ​Use the search options above to use the official tools

    • Click on the map below to be directed to the unofficial U.S. Military Campgrounds site

military campgrounds map.JPG

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