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The BLUF Military Benefits (BMB) site was founded by Jeff, an Air Force Captain, with an itch to create a better way to learn about and share military benefit opportunities that often go unrealized.  


To date, the 'founding team' refers to Jeff, Morgan (wife and fellow Air Force Captain), a core group of family and friend supporters, and a few invaluable military veteran freelance writers.


We would love to grow our core volunteer support team with more members across the globe!

If you are interested, I'm sure we could find a spot for you, just email us at info@blufmilitarybenefits.com

-Where we are Today-  

We are just getting started! 

This site was created in August 2018, life happened, and we officially kicked it off in Nov 2019.

 So we are calling this the -


We are completely team member funded and our focus is on completing our pending articles within our Money Matters, Education, and Travel sections while growing our online community through the Facebook Group and the site's Community Forum


Goals for the Future

  • Community

    • Short Term: Reach 500 followers by July 1,2020

    • Long Term: Reach 2,000 followers by 2021

  • Content

    • Stage 1 - Expand past static articles and grow a living social knowledge base within the community forum and through the Facebook Group

    • Stage 2 - Expand the BMB Brand Name to

      • Other social media outlets (Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)​

      • Merchandise

    • Stage 3 - Expand to create YouTube videos covering our website and community content

  • Cash

    • Apply for and achieve Non-Profit Status in 2020

    • Short Term: Garner enough through minimal advertisement and affiliate marketing to cover the costs of owning the domain ($13/yr), hosting the domain ($7/month), business email ($6/month), marketing budget of $50/month for getting the word out, and fund more freelance veterans to create additional content including articles and Youtube videos.

    • Long Term: Gardner enough earned income to hire a full time team and create our own real world benefits to give back to military families.


We're VERY happy you are here and hope you find this project/resource helpful in finding out new information and connecting with fellow service members.


We value any constructive feedback - so please feel free to share in the comment box below:

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