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Military Life is Hard - Understanding Your Benefits Shouldn't Be!

We are proud to be a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization dedicated to empowering U.S. military families better understand their benefits.

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COVID-19 DoD Response &


A beakdown of the military travel, financial, educational, and health guidance and resources in response to COVID-19 to hep you and your family cope


BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Military Benefits is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization managed by a small team of military members dedicated to helping fellow military families fully Realize, Utilize, and Optimize our benefits.

We operate from the generosity of everyday donations (Tax Deductible) which support website hosting expenses, state & federal filing fees, special projects and our Donation Fund to give to a military family in financial need at the end of each year. 

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To build a positive and supportive community that empowers U.S. military families in improving their quality of life.


We publish quality and easy to read content based on reliable sources with the

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT within each category header.

We will also kick-start conversations within the community forum to grow an unmatched knowledge sharing resource inspired from real world experiences.


Military service is an honorable and challenging calling that requires many sacrifices from the service members and their families.

We are blessed with many opportunities to ease that burden through government and commercial benefits.

However, we have found that many such benefits are poorly communicated or lost within our daily grind and therefore are not fully realized, or realized too late to be effective.


So whether you are a first time visitor or veteran community contributor, a young potential military recruit or retired veteran - WELCOME!

 We are glad you are here!

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