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Military Life is Hard - Understanding Your Benefits Shouldn't Be!

We are proud to be a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization dedicated to empowering U.S. military families better understand their benefits.

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Infographics help breakdown complicated material into easy to digest graphic and text combinations. Visit our page to download our infographics for free: Career Benefits Timeline, Compare Career Starter Loans, Retirement Road Map, PCS Timeline Guide, 7 Smart Money Moves and more!


BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Military Benefits is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization managed by a small team of military members dedicated to helping fellow military families fully Realize, Utilize, and Optimize our benefits.

We operate from the generosity of everyday donations (Tax Deductible) which support website hosting expenses, state & federal filing fees, special projects and our Donation Fund to give to a military family in financial need at the end of each year. 


To empower U.S. military families in improving their quality of life by helping them Realize, Utilize, and Optimize their hard earned benefits.

Whether you are a first time visitor or veteran community contributor, a young potential military recruit or retired veteran - WELCOME!

 We are glad you are here!

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