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New Year, New Milestones

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for all your support in our founding year!

In 2020 we:

  • Incorporated as a 501(c)(3)

  • Hired 4 veterans and 3 military spouses to help publish over 12 articles

  • Interviewed 4 families to share their story in breaking down complex benefits

  • Reached over 700 website visitors a month

  • Grew our social media following to over 800 families

  • Raised $1K and gave $500 to a Navy/Army Reserves veteran in need

In 2021 we hope to:

  • 4 more BLUF/Breakdown video interviews

  • Reach ~2,000 website visitors a month

  • Grow our Volunteers and Board of Directors

  • Donation goal of $2,000

  • Earned Grants Goal of $5,000 enabling us to fund 20 more mil freelance projects to continue sharing content on our platform that they’re passionate about

  • Grow partnerships with other like organizations

We are very excited to jump into 2021 and hit our 1 year anniversary this year!

Here are our top 3 stories published on our social media channels since our last newsletter

  1. 2021 NDAA Passed & Major Updates to Know

  2. Our latest PCS & Home Loan Benefits Breakdown Video

  3. 2021 Published BAH Rates


2021 NDAA Passed & Major Updates to Know

To kick off the New Year, military families should know that the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act has been passed and is now law! Here are a few of the top items you should know:

Section 241 - Incentive pay for coding/AI language proficiency

Section 361 - Pilot for free maternity uniform loaner program

Section 572 - Expansion of Skillbridge Program to the Coast Guard

Section 582 - Improvements to the EFMP program (DoD standardization & Case Management)

Section 601 - Increases Basic Pay by 3%

Section 602 - Reserve component receive retired credit for maternity leave

Section 606 - Space Force Uniform Reimbursement of no more than $400

Section 612 - Increase in incentive pay for Health Officers

Section 613 - Increase Hazard Duty Pay to $275

Section 625 - Free National Park Access to Gold Star Families

Section 2812 - Repeal of authority to lease substandard family housing units to members of the uniformed service

Section 8204 - Coast Guard authority to use Career Intermission Program (CIP)

Section 8234 - Coast Guard pilot program to expand child care to public and private child development centers

Section 9101. Modification of licensure requirements for Department of Veterans Affairs health care professionals providing treatment via telemedicine.

Section 9102. Additional care (7 days health care services) for newborn children of veterans

Our latest PCS & Home Loan Benefits Breakdown Video

Optimize your next PCS and VA Home Loan purchase! Here is our 2-4-1 BLUF and Breakdown video on both major military life events.

This whole feature video includes an interview from one of our favorite Navy couples. They provide some excellent lessons learned and answer questions like why buy a home now, what tools can help families virtually buy a home and what are some key COVID family travel considerations.

2021 Published BAH Rates

2021 BAH Rates have been published! Did yours go up or down?

On average 2021 rates increased by 2.9% If your area rate decreases in the new year, you will still keep your current rate (grandfathered) until you move


Looking forward to continue empowering military families in 2021!

As always thank you for your support!

Jeff Mitchell

CEO, BLUF Military Benefits

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